Thursday, March 24, 2011

Better late than never . Kan ?

Hello ! Meet againn :)

Last wednesdaayy , Yeah . RABU,16March2011.
I repeat , NO CLASSES :)
It is not about any cuti umum or cuti what-so-ever-called
It is just I've no class on that day
Yeah .
Cool . 
Awesome .
It was REALLY AWESOME actually 
People go to class , and I'm not :)

So so , 
We've planned for a trip.
Site visit tripppp .

Because of that O-B-E thingyy ,
Most all of our presentation , assignment need to do INDIVIDUALLY
So yeah .
SENSORANG orang melayu cakap.
But grateful the site visit we can do it , GROUP-LY

Make it short ,
We went to KOMPLEKS PASIR SALAK for the site visit .
Niceee ,

Then , drop by tepi jalan eating DURIAN 
Yummyyy ^^

Next , heading to Teluk Batik
Just ambik angin and lunch there .

After that , we went to hutan-lipur-err ? (idontrememberthenameoftheplace)
But for sure it was in Beruas .
Relaxing  for awhile ,

The boys for sure mandi-manda
Then, after that we're back to campus
9am till 9pm
Such a tiring day

But , full of ENJOYment :)

Okay fine . Tau cerita dah semniggu . Dah basi . Pedulik . Nak post jugak . Hari ni baru dapat Internet .
Oh yaa . Hows candidate 2010 ? 
Congrats for the straight As candidate . Goodjob dude :)

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