Sunday, April 24, 2011

First week of final exam .

Just a short and fast updaatteeee .

My final exam was not going very well T____T
I've done a mistake for my Measurement paper ,
The things that I've not read came out for the Const Tech paper -____-
And the obj part for CTU was reaaallllyyyy toughhhhhh T___T
Me half-dying alreadyyyy ~~

Everything turns *&^%$!
I don't know whether I manage to get DL title again for this sem
I do not have such a good feeling this time
Oh God , help meeee :(

I'll be having BEL260 paper this Monday which is English subject ,
and Construction Law on Tuesday
And ofcourse I'll straight focusing on my LAW bcoz there's so much things to read and memorizee -..-
But still need to spend a lil bit time for BEL260 since the paper gonna be quite tough FOR ME
and my carrymarks for BEL260 was not that awesome to just ignore this subject
Getting jealous with Ira and Zaty coz they got a really high carrymarks for this subj -_____-
Lucky them .

Till then peeps .
Can't wait to meet my parents tomorrow :)

Have a nice dreammm ^^

Love , Anis :)


  1. Good luck for your next paper :)

    Tawakal je lepas dah usaha, insyaAllah dipermudahkan. Chill ^_^

  2. thanks ! :D
    InsyaAllah . Mudah mudahan :)