Tuesday, April 5, 2011

QS NiGHt 2011

Alhamdulillah .. Lega sangattt bila final QS event semester ni setel dahh .
QS DINNER 2011 .

Lega sebab , yeahh student semester 2 yang incharge dinner .
It is a tradition since my lecture in her first semester of diploma .

The reason why Part 2 incharge for this really really important event ,
"kalau kamu part 2 dah boleh handle event besar macam dinner , nnt senang la nak handle event2 lain"

Oh yehh ,
event dinner ni sangat sangat mencabar I told u .
Seriously .
I was like half-dying dah selama through out the process before the hari jadi dinner .
(gila rojak ayat . abaikan , atleast faham )

So , at the end , idk I want to described it as awesomee or not .
There were part which is the dinner was so awesome and we made it .
And ada jugak yang tak .

Biasa lah .
Everyone is trying their best .
Problems tu boleh kata adat yang memang wajib ada kalau handle event .

Bertuah sangat lah kelas aku , QS2D under biro Multimedia .
Which is our job just buat montage for dinner .
And  I was really happyyyyy to see many people on that night love our montage .
We get a good feedback from many party .
From the lecturers , seniors , juniors ..
(later on ada masa upload dekat sini)
Maybe yang ni la boleh aku cakap awesome .
Sebahagian yang awesome .

Yang tak awesome , bile mula stat ada probs shot makanan ,
The other parts bising even our dinner still tak habis lagi .
Mcm keadaan tak terkawal .
But lepas tu okay lah jugak .
Thats the problems we facing up .
Kesian jugak lah tengok AJK Makanan , Tugas Khas , and others yang sangat bertungkus lumus yang bekejar sane sini nak setelkan probs tuhh and nak menjayakan event kiteorang
Demi menjaga nama baik Part 2 .
Thanks a lot to everyone , to all part 2 students yang bagi support and yang sangat bekerja keras untuk event less than 5 hours tu  .
We can just abaikan the-not-awesome-part .
Just forget it .

Hopefully we can made it better for next event we need to handle , family day - PART3 .

Okay enough with talks.Now lets take a look some of the awesome picture if A NiGHT Of A MiLLiON COlOURS :)
 (mostly it was a picture of my classmateee , of course (:  )

the awesome QS2D members :)
people :)
 awesome performance by PART 2 students . cool !
Okay , idk why is that I'm really excited taking a photos like this was a first time -____-
Them , again :)
yellow,blue,yellow ^^

okay , ini je kot dulu . dont have many time too upload more . 
thanks for reading ! 

love,anis :)


  1. ohh kita terbalik. ktorang part 2 handle family day and part 3 dinner ;)

  2. mna pic aku sperti yg dijanjikan??? hahaha